Technical and creative design

Technical and creative design

Technical and creative design

Our years of experience in the design, planning and implementation of complete projects gives us the confidence to ensure that the conceptual design and its implementation will fully meet your expectations. We will create ready-made solutions for your needs: projects for illuminated signs of buildings and company shop windows, POP displays, creation of exhibition stands, interior layout of retail space, offices, external non-standard solutions, totems, presentation elements and product positioning, and many others. 

Design for us is a vocation, creativity, aesthetics and responsibility for your development and business success.
Every project is as important to us as it is to our clients. It is a complex process in which your ideas acquire color, size and identity. The finale is a graceful and beautiful advertisement that will not go unnoticed. 
Each of the projects we work on is unique to us.

The quality of the final product is crucial to take into account all the facts and the synthesis between them. In our work we strive to adapt the design solution to all requirements, prerequisites and features. This is the way to create a design that meets not only the professional criteria of a high standard, but also the expectations of the client.

The services we offer to provide our customers with a complete product are divided into four stages:

Feasibility study
* Capture the subject
* Analysis of the given
* Opportunity study
* Functional solution

Conceptual design
* Detailed 3D modeling
* Suggestions for materials and vision
* Previews

Technical project
* Technical drawings
* Specifications
* Quantity calculations

Production and installation
* Use of high technology
* Betting on quality materials
* Project supervision
* Organizing the work of the site
* Quality control and timing
* Warranty and post-warranty service

Trust our knowledge and skills to create style!

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